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Jennifer Wallace

Psychic, Healer, Teacher, Therapist

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Maybe you're experiencing physical or emotional pain. Or maybe you're trying to create certain things for yourself and your life and keep falling short. Or maybe you're having trouble connecting with yourself and others.

Most everyone is carrying around energy in their systems that isn't theirs. This "foreign energy" is not aligned with who we really are. Therefore, it can be the cause of dis-ease, confusion, troubling emotions, and embarrassing reactions.

Foreign energies can destroy our relationship with self and others. They can impact our ability to make decisions, move forward, manifest what we want, feel good and be all that we are meant to be. Sabotaging patterns can be repeated over and over without understanding why.

As permeable beings, these foreign energies can come from various sources: people, society, the workplace, other institutions, etc. The more we clear out foreign energy, the more room we make for ourselves to take up our own space. This allows us to act in affinity and congruence with ourselves. We create the life we truly want because we are the ones dictating it, and not the foreign energy. Our joy, spark, and amusement return!

To give you some background, I will start with my own journey. I have always been in tune with others, which is what led me to my career in psychotherapy. It didn't take long for me to realize that I needed to learn how to release the energies I was picking up from clients. I wanted to avoid burnout, be a better clinician, and not take my work home with me.

Through years of study with the Boulder Psychic Institute (and becoming an ordained Reverend), I have learned how to separate my energy from others. This has profoundly impacted my work as a therapist. Not only that, but I personally have healed deeply ingrained patterns that I have suffered from for this whole lifetime (and prior ones). I am more and more in my own captain's chair, and more aware when other energies are in it. I am more connected to myself than I have ever been. I feel so much more ease, clarity, validation, peace and joy. Life really can flow. We really can get what we want!

I very much enjoy helping others connect to their own wisdom, energy, ease and flow. I would be honored to help you on your journey to healing - releasing foreign energies and being more of yourself. We can do this in person in Longmont, Colorado or by phone. If you would like to be free of troubling patterns and move on with your life, or have questions about my work, please contact me.

Psychic Reading

Gain validation of yourself and more clarity about what is going on in your inner space: what your truth is, what is keeping you from knowing it, and what is blocking your ability to create the life you want.

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Psychic Reading and Healing

This includes everything offered in the psychic reading, plus immediate assistance healing blocks that are hindering you from being yourself and creating the life you want.

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Over the phone

Same offerings as in person. Psychic reading or reading and healing. These can happen from anywhere. There is no need to be in the same physical room. Great, whether you live nearby or far away!

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Give yourself the gift of freedom and ease

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